BPL Sales works with
industrial and commercial businesses
BPL Sales provides complete heating
ventilation and air conditioning products
BPL Sales has been in
business for over 33 years


At BPL Sales, we provide comprehensive customer training on all our products. Our training can be tailored to help business owners, consultants, or contractors learn and understand our various products.

For contractors, owners, and consultants, BPL equips you with thorough and detailed guidance so that you will be prepared to utilize the wide range of BPL products and services with ease and confidence. This includes training on green energy efficient products.

BPL runs training courses every few months that will help HVAC-R professionals throughout Manitoba or Saskatchewan. This specialized product education ensures that you can expect-and will receive-the highest performance from your system, as well as the ability to maintain and service your HVAC-R systems.

Contact us for more information on upcoming courses today.